Q & A


Packing Materials


Small Box (1.5 Cubic Feet) 12"x12"x18"

  • heavy items: books, records, canned foods, etc.



Medium Box (3 Cubic Feet) 18"x18"x16"

  • medium weight items: VCRs, stereos, kitchen items, misc. nic nacs throughout the house, etc.



Large Box (4.5 Cubic Feet) 18"x18"x24"

  • lighter items: linens, shoes, clothes, etc.



Extra Large Box (6 Cubic Feet) 22"x22"x21 1/2"

  • bulky, light items: lamp shades, stuffed animals, toys, etc.



Dish Pack (5 Cubic Feet) 18"x18"x27" DOUBLE-THICK

  • dishes, stemware, china, statues, breakables



Lamp Box  14"x14"x40"

  • tall, thin items



Mirror Pack  37"x27"x4"

  • art & mirrors hanging on wall



Mirror Pack  60"x48"x4"

  • art & mirrors hanging on wall



Wardrobe Box 24"x20"x47"

  • hanging clothes



Wrapping Paper (30 lb. bundle)

  • for wrapping breakables



Paper Pads

  • for wrapping pictures, mirrors, and large breakables






Shrink Wrap

  • typically used by our crew to seal upholstered furniture and bulky items


$40.00 per roll

Packing Labor 


1 man - per hour

Local Moving, Packers & Warehouse
Time typically starts at your door, although a station charge will be assessed servicing some outlying areas.  Double drive time is assessed for any time spent driving from your point of origin to your final destination.
A moving truck + 2 men $132.00
A moving truck + 3 men $180.00
A moving truck + 4 men $228.00
A moving truck + 5 men $276.00
A moving truck + 6 men $324.00
A moving truck + 7 men $372.00
A moving truck + 8 men $420.00
A moving truck + 9 men $468.00
A moving truck + 10 men $516.00
Materials: Deliver or Pickup
Fee: $75.00
Within 30 mile radius: This charge may vary for serfvice to outlying areas.
Long Distance Moving


Rates are based on the weight of your shipment as well as the distance you're traveling.  Review our services and charges.  It's advisable to schedule an on site estimate to get the full picture.


1st month free with our moving services "in" & "out" of the warehouse.  After the 1st month we charge $70.00 per month for each 5'x7'x7' vault you use.  We pro-rate our charges on a daily basis to minimize your storage charges.
Large Vault = 240 cubic ft (7X7X5)
Vault pricing per month
Small $60.00
Medium $65.00
Large $70.00
Military $90.00
Overflow Piece $25.00
Pallet $30.00
Vault Base $50.00
Sofa Rack $25.00
Piano $30.00
Crate $25.00