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Answers to Your Questions
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:  How long has Chris' Moving Men, Inc. been in business?
A:  We have been moving people since 1979.

Q:  What are your costs & how soon do I need to reserve services?
A:  Since every job is unique, get started by submitting an [Online Quote].

Q:  I live in Southern California, but I'm moving to another state.  Can you still help me?
A:  Absolutely!  We move nationwide!

Q:  Is it possible to just securely store my furniture for a few months?
A:  Yes.  We offer a complete storage solution for any need.

Q:  I'm ready to use your services, how do I get started?
A:  Contact us by calling (310) 769-0142

Q:  What is your policy on returning boxes?
Please refer to our box recycling program found under SPECIALS heading.